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Why do triathlon bikes have different wheels?
By BIKEDOCWHEEL December 13th, 2023
Why do triathlon bikes have different wheels?

In the world of triathlon, where every second counts, aerodynamics reign supreme. Triathletes understand that the key to achieving their best time lies in improved aerodynamics rather than simply reducing weight. This is where BIKEDOC Wheel steps in – a renowned carbon wheel manufacturer with over 10 years of expertise.


What sets Bikedoc Wheel apart from the rest? Our exceptional carbon fiber disc wheels has been trusted and utilized even by the champions in the 2023 Tour de France. We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled performance and quality to triathletes worldwide.

One crucial thing to consider while choosing the perfect wheel is its ability to handle crosswinds. BIKEDOC Wheel ensures that our wheels strike the perfect balance, providing optimal aerodynamics without compromising control in unpredictable crosswinds. We understand the importance of maintaining stability throughout your race.


For those looking to adopt disc or extremely deep rimmed wheels, we recommend applying them to the rear. This strategic placement allows for improved aerodynamics while maintaining maneuverability and control.


Embracing the evolving needs of the industry, BIKEDOC Wheel has observed the growing popularity of tubeless triathlon wheelset. By eliminating the need for traditional inner tubes, these innovative wheels offer reduced rolling resistance and an enhanced overall riding experience. Join the trend and experience the benefits of tubeless technology.


As the triathlon world moves towards advanced technology, Bikedoc Carbon Bicycle Wheel is keeping pace. We recognize the industry's shift towards utilizing disc brakes for better stopping power and control. That's why our range of wheels is designed to accommodate this growing trend, ensuring you have the competitive edge.


Choose BIKEODC Wheel to elevate your triathlon performance. With our cutting-edge technology, professional experience, and commitment to delivering excellence, you can trust us to enhance your aerodynamics, control, and overall speed. Don't settle for anything less – conquer the roads and set new records with BIKEDOC Wheel.

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