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Light Version(UD Only):+/-15g

CX3139T:330g CX3144T:350g
CX3149T:370g CX3154T:400g
CX3139HL:420g CX3144HL:440g
CX3149HL:450g CX3154HL:470g
CX3139HK:420g CX3144HK:440g
CX3149HK:420g CX3154HK:440g

Standard Version(3K,12K,UD):+/-15g

CX3139T:380g CX3144T:400g
CX3149T:420g CX3154T:450g
CX3139HL:470g CX3144HL:490g
CX3149HL:500g CX3154HL:520g
CX3139HK:470g CX3144HK:490g
CX3149HK:500g CX3154HK:520g